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 Arena Ethnobotanicals Review

Arena Ethnobotanicals is a much-respected on supplier of not just Kratom, but many other ethnobotanical products such as Salvia, Blue Lotus, and Fly Agaric so an Arena Ethnobotanicals review is overdue.  They get high ratings from us because we suspect that they are affiliated with, if not the same as, the Kratom.Pro guys.  Their product offering is very similar as is the address and phone number of the company in Southern California.  As with Kratom.Pro, these guys produce all of their extracts on-site and ensure constant turnover to ensure freshness and the highest quality.arenaLivePlant Arena Ethnobotanicals Review

Kratom Products are available in Capsules, Leaf, Powder, Extract, Resin, Tincture and Live Kratom Plants.  Live Kratom Plants are shipped out twice weekly and can only be shipped within the U.S.  They have a nice Plant Care guide for download on their site as well.   Arena accepts all major credit cards as well as money orders, checks and even Cash.  Orders can be placed online, via mail or fax.  Shipping is generally same day (except for plants) and is a $3.00 flat rate within the U.S.  International shipping and expedited shipping is available.

Arena Ethnobotanicals was started because the folks that own got some bad service from another supplier and thought that they could do better.  Based on their track record, product offering, 100% Satisfaction guarantee and long list of testimonials, they certainly can.  That being said, we highly recommend Arena as a trusted source of Mitragyna speciosa.  You can’t beat that and you get the bonus peace of mind that comes with using a trusted source.

buykratom Arena Ethnobotanicals Review

PriceKratom Capsules Start @ $14.99
Kratom Dried Leaves Start @ $8.99
Kratom Extract Starts @ $15.99
Kratom Live Plants from $49.99
Shipping$3.00 USPS Same Day Shipping. Int’l Rate is $15. Can also upgrade to Express Shipping; All Packaging is Discreet.
Forms AvailableCapsules, Leaves, Powder, Extract, Resin, Tincture, Live Plants
Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Money Order, Cash, Checks; Fax, Mail orders ok.
Arena Ethnobotanicals Review4.95kratom2014-03-18 11:16:22Arena Ethnobotanicals Review
Buy Kratom,Kratom ReviewsKratom Capsules Start @ $14.99
Kratom Dried Leaves Start @ $8.99
Kratom Extract Starts @ $15.99
Kratom Live Plants from $49.99
Arena Ethnobotanicals ReviewArena Ethnobotanicals Review

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